Idaho Financial Assistance

Idaho Financial Assistance

Guide to Government Financial Assistance for Individuals and Families in Idaho

If you live in Idaho and are experiencing financial need, help is available. This guide will provide essential information regarding the financial assistance options that the government and non-profit agencies offer. It also includes a selection of strategies that could potentially help you to get out of financial distress.

Government Financial Assistance Programs

Several Idaho state government programs offer financial assistance. Check the below list for some of the options:

Temporary Assistance for Families in Idaho (TAFI)

TAFI helps families with children by offering temporary cash aid to cater to their basic needs. Eligibility for the program is based on income and family size.

Food Stamps/SNAP

Idaho residents in need can apply for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as food stamps. This government subsidy can help to feed your family.

Idaho Medicaid

For those with low income, Idaho Medicaid provides essential health coverage. This program covers adults, pregnant women, children, and individuals with disabilities.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility for government assistance largely depends on income and family size. However, other factors play into certain programs, such as disability and unemployment status, or having dependents. Check each individual program's application for more specifics.

How to Apply

Financial aid applications can typically be found online on the respective program’s official state website. Alternatively, your local Department of Health and Welfare office can provide physical application forms and help guide you through the process.

Non-Profit Agencies

Besides government aid, several non-profit agencies offer financial assistance, such as:

United Way of Treasure Valley

This non-profit provides resources for emergency needs like food, shelter, and clothing to Idaho residents.

The Idaho Foodbank

The largest provider of free food assistance in Idaho, this organization operates three central facilities, several mobile food pantries, and school programs to help combat food insecurity.

The Salvation Army

Offering rental and utility payment assistance, the Salvation Army is an excellent resource for immediate financial need.

Strategies for financial stability

Beyond relying on financial assistance programs, consider the following strategies to help achieve financial stability:

Create a Budget

An essential first step in financial management is creating a budget. Forgetting the importance of a stringent budget can be a problem. Ensure that your budget covers all bills and necessities, and try to allocate some percentage to savings if you can.

Reduce Expenses

Look for cost savings in all areas of your life. This might mean cutting back on dining out, reducing cable or cell phone plans, or choosing a less expensive car or apartment.

Boost Income

Consider taking on some form of second job or freelance work. Look for opportunities that can be done in spare time, such as online freelancing, tutoring, or pet-sitting.

Remember, these strategies require consistent effort and commitment. Getting out of financial crisis is a process that doesn't happen overnight. It takes patience, but by sticking to your plan, you eventually see results.

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Latest additions in Idaho

North Idaho Community Action Agency Bonners Ferry

For more information, about Financial assistance and other services provided by this office, contact them directly to the number provided.
.. (continue to details page for more info and costs)

(208) 267-3663
Bonners Ferry, ID

Treasure Valley Community Resource Center - TVCRC

The Treasure Valley Community Resource Center, Inc, (TVCRC) provides

  • comprehensive referrals to anyone free of charge.

The referrals mainly cover services, programs and resources in the Treasure Valley area (Ada, Adams, Canyon, Elmore, Gem, Owyhee, Payette and Washington Counties).

TVCRC provides

  • comprehensive referrals to:
    • human services such as housing,
    • food banks,
    • utilities,
    • financial assistance,
    • education,
    • employment,
    • support groups,
    • health services,
    • legal and advocacy services,
    • senior programs,
    • transportation,
    • veterans services,
    • recreation,
    • volunteers programs,
    • outreach and community programs and special projects.

    TVCRC is a telephone contact program only.

    TVCRC is a non-profit, all-volunteer referral service.

    Its volunteers go the extra mile to help their clients.

    They screen clients for referrals for financial assistance available through other programs.

    TVCRC provides

    • referrals to human services attempting to help clients with immediate and long term problems.
    • TVCRC also publishes an annual Treasure valley Referral Directory listing services and programs that are free or on a sliding scale based on income.
    • TVCRC sponsors the Community Resource Meetings.
    • Web site includes online referrals.
    • TVCRC sponsors the Resource Meetings.
    • TVCRC also maintains an information web site - on line directory
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    (208) 459-9263
    Caldwell, ID

    Coeur d'Alene Tribe

    Admin Office: (208) 686-1800, (208) 686-3201 Food StampsThe Coeur d'Alene Indian Tribe has a current enrollment of 1,753. The tribe has sovereign authority on a reservation covering 345,000 acres of mountains, lakes, timber and farmland, spanning the western edge of the northern Rocky Mountains and the abundant Palouse country. The Tribe, like all tribes in America, has a government based on executive, legislative and judicial branches. The tribal council has seven members and operates on a parliamentary system, with members elected by tribal vote and the chairman elected by vote on the council. Although he or she would serve as chief executive, the chairman has one vote on the council and does not have veto power. .. (continue to details page for more info and costs)

    (208) 686-1931
    Plummer, ID