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About Purely Passion

Purely Passion separates itself from the many organizations already established in raising funds for cancer research, by making it our mission to embrace the human side of cancer of today.

Beyond the hopes for a future cure there exists a need in supporting those facing cancer with the added strain of financial worries.

The physical and emotional aspects of One?s battle with the cancer can be far too tiresome in its own rite; never mind the added concern of paying one?s rent/mortgage, heating and electric bills, putting food on the table, the cost of transportation, child care during and after treatments, and time spent out of work. The stress brought fourth by cancer can quickly become an overwhelming monster for all those involved if the patient doesn?t have health insurance. A study released by Health Affairs showed that 11% of newly diagnosed cancer patients under the age of sixty-five are diagnosed without any health insurance, equaling an estimated 63,140 individuals nation wide annually. And a report released by the Kaiser Commission showed the having insurance improves health overall and could reduce mortality rates for the uninsured by 10% to 15%! Purely Passion also reaches out to individuals affected by cancer nation wide by offering educational resources through our web site such as our Cancer Basics Series, Natural Living and Healing section, and by offering free Informative Cancer Care Packages (tailored to different aspects of one?s cancer journey). We furthermore encourage emotional support with the sharing of personal experiences within our online Cancer Journals, Chronicles of Cancer, and Peer-to-Peer Support Groups.

Services: Rental Assistance

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