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Northeast Independent Living Services

NEILS activities and programs are based on these three guiding principles: CHOICE: Many persons with disabilities are not aware of options that might allow them to live more independently. NEILS educates persons with disabilities about available opportunities. They can then choose to use what they have learned to set new goals. Through community advocacy, NEILS works to expand the available range of choices and solutions for persons with disabilities. CONTROL: Once persons with disabilities have chosen the goals they wish to pursue, NEILS assists them in accomplishing their goals. In this way, they are in control, deciding what needs to be done and how to achieve it. Neils? policies are strongly influenced by persons with disabilities? needs and interests. Advocacy activities are controlled by persons with disabilities? needs and interests, as well. CHANGE: By learning to make sound and independent choices and taking control of the decisions made regarding their lives, persons with disabilities, with NEILS support and assistance, move away from unnecessary dependency. NEILS, through community education and advocacy, works to encourage removal of institutional barriers for the full inclusion of persons with disabilities in community life. .. (continue to details page for more info and costs)

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Hannibal, MO

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For more information, about Financial assistance and other services provided by this office, contact them directly to the number provided. .. (continue to details page for more info and costs)

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Hannibal, MO